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Insurance 101
This type of insurance is designed to provide economic assistance to
the survivor of an insured who has died prematurely.
This coverage pays for in and out patient visits,
prescription drugs, dental and vision. There are three
basic types of health insurance plans:
1. The Health Maintenance Organization also known
as HMOs are organizations of medical providers,
administering health care to its members through
preventive medicine. This coverage will also pay for
illness as do a regular health plan. In most cases
there are a facility that provides primary care. Or a
provider directory may also be another source.
2. Preferred Provider Organization or PPOs are
organizations of both primary and secondary care
physicians that deliver discount services to its
members. In this setting a wide selection of
physicians is found. A directory of providers of
service is made available. An insured may select
any member or organization for service.
3. Traditional or Indemnity Plan is an open field in
which an insured may choose to go to any provider of
care he chooses. Price for each of three plans varies.
Some have higher deductibles an co-pay than others
Property insurance includes many types of insurance
designed to handle property risks. It guards
against possible financial loss resulting from the
damage or destruction of personal property.
Casualty insurance is difficult to define because it
includes a wide variety of basically unrelated
insurance products. It includes the following: Liability,
Aviation, Auto, Boiler and Machinery, Crime, Workers
Compensation, and Surety Bonds.
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