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We offer innovative and secure fixed and variable annuity investment
products that can help you accumulate savings for retirement or convert
your retirement savings into a series of guaranteed income payments
spread out over a specified period of time. An annuity offers unique
benefits such as tax deferral, flexible payout options, penalty-free
withdrawals, and can also help to dramatically reduce
the chances of outliving your savings.
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Annuity Advantages
Guaranteed Income
An annuity can provide you with a guaranteed lifetime
income regardless of how long you live. No other
investment product can provide such a guarantee.

Unlimited Contributions
Unlike other tax-advantaged investments such as IRAs,
you can contribute an unlimited amount of money to an
annuity during the year, whether in periodic installments
or a lump sum. Individual insurance carriers may place
a ceiling on the total amount you can put into an annuity
without approval.

Bonus Rates
Some annuities award investors with bonuses at the
end of the annuity's first year such as extra interest that
further increases your investment.

No-Penalty Rollovers
Company pension or profit-sharing plan payouts may
be reinvested without incurring current taxes or
No probate in case of death, as long as you specify
Which means your family will find it easier and less costly to obtain
the value of the annuity.

Shelter Investment Earnings
Retired people can use annuities to shelter investment earnings that
would otherwise lead to taxation of Social Security benefits.
Brown Insurance Group offers experienced annuity investment
services throughout Maryland and northern Virginia, including Fixed
Annuity, Equity Indexed Annuity, Fixed Immediate Annuity, Variable
Annuities, and others.
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We are your local Washington D.C. area full service insurance agency, offering
annuities to individuals located in the following cities and counties: Wheaton, Silver
Spring, Bethesda, Aspen Hill, White Oak, Takoma Park, Randolph Hills, Veirs Mill,
Kensington, Kemp Mill Estates, Rock Creek Forest, Chevy Chase, Woodmont, Garrett
Park, Oakmont, Calverton, Fairland, Springbrook, Glenmont, Foxhall, Layhill,
Colesville, Meadowood, Rockville, Laurel, Gaithersburg, Good Hope, College Park,
Greenbelt, Montpelier, Adelphi, Langley Park, Berwyn Heights, Knollwood, Beltsville,
Maryland City, Riverdale, Hyattsville, Chillum, Lewisdale, University Park, New
Carrollton, Landover Hills, Bladensburg, Cheverly, Kent Village, Somerset, Chevy
Chase View, Glen Mar Park, Westgate, Brookmont, Luxmanor, Montrose, Potomac,
Glen Hills, Derwood, Washington Grove, North Potomac, Redland, Olney, Sandy
Spring, Norwood Corner, Ashton, Ednor, Spencerville, Burtonsville, Good Hope, Fulton,
Savage, Bowie, Crofton, Kettering, Forestville, District Heights, Capitol Heights,
Columbia, Annapolis, Germantown, Brinklow, Brookeville, Highland, Simpsonville,
Brighton, Clarksville, Laytonsville, Damascus, Dayton, Unity, Glenelg, West
Friendship, Seneca, Dawsonville, Poolesville, Towson, Baltimore, Montgomery County,
District of Columbia, Prince Georges County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County,
and Baltimore County, MD. We also offer annuity services throughout the state of
Maryland and northern Virginia, including Arlington, Alexandria, McLean, Falls Church,
Annandale, Reston, Fairfax, Vienna, Herndon, Sterling, Leesburg, and Manassas, VA.
A fixed tax deferred annuity, also referred to as a tax-deferred annuity, is a
contract between you and an insurance company for a guaranteed interest
bearing policy with guaranteed income options. The insurance company
credits interest, and you don't pay taxes on the earnings until you make a
withdrawal or begin receiving an annuity income. Because fixed annuities
invest your premiums in interest bearing obligations, you receive a lower
return in comparison to equity indexed annuities, since interest rates
historically trail stock market returns.
Tax Deferred Annuity Advantages - Savings
Many people today are using a tax deferred annuity as the foundation of their
overall financial plan. The most important difference between an annuity and
CD's is that annuities allow for the deferral of the taxes due on the interest
earned until the interest is withdrawn. By postponing the taxes your money
compounds faster because you can earn interest on dollars that would have
otherwise been paid to the IRS. Later, you can decide to take a monthly
income and your taxes will be less because they were spread out over a
period of years. Similar to CD's, an annuity has a penalty for early surrender,
but most annuity contracts have a liberal free withdrawal provision.
Tax Deferred Annuity Advantages - Taxes
You pay no taxes while your money is compounding. You can also pay a
lower tax on random withdrawals because you control the tax year in which
the withdrawals are made and only pay taxes on the interest withdrawn.
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A fixed immediate annuity, also referred to as a fixed payment annuity, provides
you with a stream of income payments from your original purchase payment. The
amount of your income payouts is determined by the guaranteed interest rate and
the payout option you select. A fixed immediate annuity can begin benefit
payments as early as one month and no later than 13 months from the date of
purchase and is intended for investors who need a guaranteed income stream to
begin soon.
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Immediate Fixed Annuities. Or speak with our annuity specialist at 301-933-5500 to
discuss the features in detail.
An equity indexed annuity offers you what could be described as the best of both
worlds: a market driven investment with potentially strong returns, plus a
guaranteed minimum return. Equity indexed annuity returns are tied to indexes of
market activity and not to the performance of individual stocks or funds.
The equity indexed annuities we offer are tied to the following: S&P 500, Dow
Jones Index Acct., S&P MidCap 400, NASDAQ, and the Russell 2000.
A equity indexed annuity will guarantee you a minimum interest rate (often
about 3% on 90% of your investment) while offering the potential of higher rates
by tying your return to an index such as the ones mentioned above.

While similar to investing in the stock market, you won't take part "dollar for
dollar" in a rising stock market. You are offered a percentage of how much the
index gains over a period of time (not including dividends, which accounted for
about 30% of the total return of the S&P 500 for the last 20 years) and a
guaranteed minimum return if the stock market declines.
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about Equity Indexed Annuities. Or speak with our annuity specialist at 301-933
5500 to discuss the features in detail.
**The information, pictures, and other content in this website about particular
insurance services or financial services is only provided for informational
purposes. Any decisions regarding your insurance and financial needs should
be discussed with a licensed insurance agent or financial professional.
Investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and variable annuities does
not guarantee a profit. All of these investments can lose money.
Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and variable annuities are not FDIC
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